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Invention, rewriting, usurpation: Discursive fights over religious traditions in antiquity

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Invention, rewriting, usurpation: Discursive fights over religious traditions in antiquity

Conference themes

Theme 1: Reuse, Rewriting and Usurpation of Biblical and Classical Texts

This programme unit discusses how authoritative texts were reused in antiquity. Examples of reuse are studied with particular interest in the literary, rhetorical, and ideological practices and strategies employed in the reworking of traditions.

Theme 2: Invention and Maintenance of Religious Traditions: Theoretical and Historical Perspectives

This programme unit focuses on factors and mechanisms in the development of traditions in antiquity, e.g., invention, sustainment, performance, memorisation, revival, criticism, interruption and dissolution. Interaction between theoretical questions and historical examples is encouraged.

Theme 3: Orthodoxy and Heresy

This programme unit addresses the present-day status of the discussion opened by Walter Bauer in his classic work, Rechtglaübigkeit und Ketzerei im ältesten Christentum , 1934 (English: Orthodoxy and Heresy in Earliest Christianity , 1972).

Theme 4: Formation of the Biblical Canon

This programme unit presents and discusses resent research on aspects of the development of the Biblical canon. The field of discussion covers both the development of textual forms and the canonisation/decanonisation of particular books.

Theme 5: Canons, Classics and Foundation Texts in Antiquity: A Comparative Perspective

This programme unit compares different authoritative traditions and textual corpora in antiquity as well as the mentalities and ideologies supporting them. Of particular interest is the relation between Judeo-Christian processes of canonisation and other comparable developments and phenomena.

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