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Invention, rewriting, usurpation: Discursive fights over religious traditions in antiquity

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Lectures and papers on video

On the following subpages, you can watch videofiles with most of the lectures and papers from the conference. Some videos are still being edited and will be added during this summer (with italics below).

Monday 31 May

Opening lecture by Tessa Rajak

Tuesday 1 June

Lectures and papers by Harold Attridge, Kasper Bro Larsen, Jörg Ulrich, Oda Wischmeyer, Ellen Muehlberger, and interview with Karl Olav Sandnes

Wednesday 2 June

Lectures and papers by Daniel Boyarin and Uta Heil

Thursday 3 June

Lectures and papers by Stephen Chapman, Peter von Möllendorff, Giovanni Bazzana, Sebastian Moll, and Karla Pollmann

Sunset at Hotel Ebeltof Strand

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