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Theme 1: The discursive fight over religious texts in antiquity

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Communication and dissemination

Theme 1: The discursive fight over religious texts in Antiquity.

The results of the themes’s research activities will be communicated to the academic world by means of

  • publications
  • website
  • conferences and seminars

Dissemination of information to the surrounding society will be through:

  • newsletters
  • website
  • popular publications
  • public arrangements
  • newspaper feature articles etc.

The English-language series "Early Christianity in the Context of Antiquity" (ECCA) will help communicate and disseminate the theme’s research findings internationally at a high academic level (see Current research ) whereas the target audience of the Danish-language series "Antikken og kristendommen" (Antiquity and Christianity) is the broad public (see Aktuel forskning ).

It is the aim of Theme 1: “The discursive fight over religious texts in Antiquity”, through realisation of the goals expressed in the University of Aarhus Development Contract 2005-2009 about pioneer research, to contribute internationally to a deeper understanding of early Christianity and the canonisation process as well as the implications of this for the contemporary society.

The theme’s communication schedule opens up for a dialogue with the public as well as with colleague scholars both in this country and abroad.

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